ARP Heavy Duty VW/Audi Flywheel Bolt - Sold Individually


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ARP Heavy Duty VW Audi Flywheel Bolt

Product Overview

In high rpm, high power engines, fastening the flywheel to the crankshaft becomes increasingly difficult due to the instability of a flexing crankshaft. In extremely high horsepower applications it is not unheard of for the flywheels to actually come off! These special, heavy duty ARP bolts are up-rated from factory units, and are much higher quality and strength. They are made from ARP 8740 alloy and feature a 190,000 psi tensile strength. This is for ONE bolt, order 6 bolts for most vw 4 cylinders up to 2008 and 10 bolts for VR6 and most other V6 and V8 VW / Audi applications. 4 cylinder TSI requires 8 bolts.

Leading Features

  • 190,000 psi tensile ARP 8740 Bolt
  • A must for high horsepower builds
  • Fit most VW/Audi Flywheels (do NOT fit DSG flywheels)

Important Note:

This is for ONE bolt, 6 required for most 4cyl (TSI requires 8), 10 required for 6 and 8 cyl.
May not work with lightweight or single mass flywheels, check the thickness before installing.
Does not work with DSG transmisisons.