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Tuning updates are released periodically and often contain new features, stability improvements, or performance and safety enhancements.
For the best driving experience, It is vital to ensure you are using the latest version of iE Tunes.

1.  Connect your POWERlink tool to your car's OBD2 port on the driver's side dash.

(If you do not own a POWERlink tool, get your own here.)

2. Open the POWERlink App on your Apple or Android mobile device.

(Don't have the app? Download it on the iOS or Google App Store)

3. Tap Tune and scroll down to Car Identity.

Your current iE Tune versions are listed under Latest Engine Tune. Take note of this version number.

4. Follow the pre-tune checklist, then tap Continue. Scroll down to your current tune stage and check the version number. A tune update is available if the version differs from your note above.

If an update is available, follow the on screen prompts to update your tune.

Follow the same process to check for transmission tune updates if applicable.

Click here to view a tuning tutorial.

NOTE: POWERlink mobile app is incompatible with older V3 serial number OBD2 tools. Upgrade to a new Bluetooth-enabled V4 and receive a $50 trade-in refund when you return your old V3 device with our V3 to V4 trade-in program. Click here to upgrade.

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