Why Suspension Matters

MK7 GTI Fast Rolling


While power upgrades may steal the spotlight, one element often overlooked is the suspension system. At IE, we recognize that upgrading your suspension goes hand in hand with increasing power. Below we breakdown why suspension matters and how IE’s suspension category is designed to further improve your driving experience. 

MK7 GTI Fast Driving

Enhanced Stability and Handling

Upgrading your suspension goes beyond improving stability; it's about tapping into the full capabilities of your vehicle. IE's MK7/8V sway bars increase rigidity without adding unnecessary weight, resulting in sharper and more responsive handling. When combined with our meticulously designed springs, which strike the perfect balance between track performance and comfort, your vehicle becomes a well-tuned machine that effortlessly maneuvers through corners and glides smoothly over the road.

Integrated Engineering MQB Springs

Power and Suspension: A Crucial Combination

Power upgrades thrill with quick acceleration, but suspension upgrades also ensure excitement, by allowing you to maintain speed & control through twists and turns. Get ready to embrace the exhilaration! IE's springs and sway bars are specifically engineered to complement our power upgrades, offering optimal spring rates and increased rigidity. Remember, it's not just about having power; it's about effectively harnessing that power with high quality and reliable modifications to your vehicle. Check out other IE quality parts here: Intercoolers, Air Intakes, ECU Tunes, All IE Categories.

Strengthening Your Ride

Upgrading your suspension not only enhances handling but also safeguards other components from the stress and wear associated with increased power. We track tested and abused MQB suspension pieces, ensuring they can withstand the demands of energetic driving. By upgrading with IE parts, you invest in a reliable and robust suspension system that can handle the extra power while delivering exceptional maneuverability and long-lasting durability.

Integrated Engineering MQB Swaybars

Aesthetics That Make a Statement

Upgrading your suspension not only enhances stability and handling but also elevates the visual appeal of your vehicle. At IE, we prioritize both performance and aesthetics. Our carefully crafted sway bars and springs add a touch of style, with our signature IE Green, ensuring that your vehicle stands out from the crowd while delivering outstanding control on the road.

When seeking optimal performance, upgrading your vehicle's suspension is key. Upgrading with IE's exceptional MQB suspension components ensures unparalleled stability, handling, and aesthetics. It's the link that translates raw power into a symphony of balance and poise. Upgrade with IE today and experience the perfect balance of capability and style.