IE Adjustable Camber Plates: Track Testimonial

Rod K. testimonial: Integrated Engineering VW MK5/MK6 Audi TT/A3 adjustable camber plates The IE camber plates are a first class piece of equipment, quality CNC machining out of billet aluminum, fit finish is top notch the anodizing is deep and rich in color. The stainless steel threaded strut nut is fantastic, recessed and offset threads to reach in deep and get tons of thread purchase for a tight bite on the strut threads.This little bit of engineering is a step above the competition, very well thought out for those folks that are running stock VW struts yet, well done! Everything is quality the spring hats are precisely made, fitting the OE spring ID’s like perfect.
Here’s the big bonus, after switching from a popular brand of camber plates I have been running for two years and hearing the constant clatter and chatter, I forgot how nice it is to have silence from the front end. The IE camber plates are silent, no chatter, no popping and banging, BEAUTIFUL!  I am pleased to report putting the car on alignment, the plates took adjustment easily and are locked in place, we paint marked all bolts and after some rough Salt Lake City street driving, (some bad maintenance here) things are staying put! It is pure joy to drive a car and have no rattles coming from the front end.  HANDS DOWN THESE PLATES HAVE HAD MUCH THOUGHT PUT INTO THEM AND ARE MACHINED RIGHT.
  Next up is track report, we have been testing the car at Miller Motorsports Park, the car has three track days, ran at 80% on Ultra performance BF Goodrich G Force Sport Comp 2 tires. This is the same tire that the Miller Motorsport Park Ford Racing School Mustangs run, so it is a good all round grippy tire with life. So far no movement or wandering of bolts have occurred, paint pen marks prove that. The car has ran up on the inside apron and out on the rumbles so far so good.
Now it’s time for DOT R compound tires , the car will be running in NASA TTC class on BF Goodrich R1’s in 245/35 R18’s. Looking forward to the extra camber the car has for its new set up and to see how the plates hold up at higher speeds and higher lateral loading, so far I’m impressed with every facet of Integrated Engineering Mk 5/6 camber plates. Plain and simple buy them you won’t regret it, what a great part. Race report to follow.      -Rod KujaczynskiNASA Utah instructor 2010 Volkswagen Mk 6 DSG GTI United Gray Learn more about IE adjustable camber plates here Read Rod's 6000 mile update review here