MK7 Records Broken With IE Intercoolers and CAIs

The last 2 weeks have been really exciting for the IE crew. A bunch of our parts were used to set a series of MK7 Golf R records!
Anthony Taylor & Iroz Motorsport Mk7 R World Record Trap speed
Anthony's brutally fast MK7 Golf R was built by our friends IROZ Motorsport in Las Vegas. It has all Integrated Engineering engine internal parts, including Tuscan Rods, Mahle Pistons, ARP hardware and IE Valve springs. The valve springs allow it to rev over 8000 rpm without valve float. The car runs 35-40 psi of boost and burns Ethanol fuel, resulting in over 600 horsepower at the wheels. In addition to our engine parts, it uses the IE FDS Intercooler and IE Cold Air Intake.
Anthony rocking our MK7 CF CAI
10.89 @136.65 MPH - A world record trap speed but they will push it further soon as development is ongoing!
Barret Buckalew Stage 2  Mk7 Golf R 11.49 @ 118 MPH
On the bolt on side of things, Barrett used our MK7 Cold air intake and FDS Intercooler to slice a few extra tenths off his quarter mile time. He did a few things at once, but our Intake he tested separately and gained 3mph in the 1/8th mile! These mods allowed him to set the Stage 2 Golf R continental USA quarter mile record. Unfortunately, that record was diced up a week later, by another car rocking an IE FDS Intercooler!
Weight reduction, an IE Intake, and an IE Intercooler got Barrett from the 12's down into the 11's and eventually resulted in this time slip (Below).
Barrett also does a lot of checking and logging, and he commented that our IE FDS Intercooler allowed his car to hold more boost up top. Pretty impressive when you consider that our IE FDS Intercooler replaced another quality aftermarket intercooler, NOT a stock one on his car!
“Car is making more boost up top. It used to fall to 17psi at redline with Uni only. Now it's only dropping to 18.7.” - Barrett Buckalew
We look forward to seeing lots more records tumble using our parts in these awesome cars!