IE Tuned B9 S4 3.0T Runs First Ever 9 Second 1/4 Quarter Mile!


IE has been working hard on the 2017+ Audi S4, S5, & SQ5 platform, developing top-of-the-line performance upgrades and maximized ECU calibrations delivering up to 505HP and 585ft-lbs of torque on the stock turbo. As impressive as that power is, we knew that was just scratching the surface of the B9 3.0T capabilities. Eager to push the envelope even further, our calibration and software team has perfected an ECU tune for the TTE710 bolt-in hybrid turbocharger. After months and countless hours of engineering work, it was time to validate the calibration on the drag strip. 

IE 9 second B9 S4 3.0T Run


Equipped with our own IE TTE710 pre-release ECU tune, TCU tune, intake system, turbo inlet, and downpipe, our development S4 tore up the Sacramento Raceway delivering a new world-record pass of 9.887 seconds @ 138.5mph. This wasn't enough, as on a second pass on the following day the car beat it's own record again with an even faster 9.803 @ 140.2MPH! This accomplishment is exciting news knowing this result is achieved using all off-the-shelf hardware with IE tuning on a street car! (Complete list of vehicle modifications below)  

9.803 PASS

IE B9 S4 9 second 140mph time slip


  • 1/4: 9.803
  • 1/4 MPH: 140.21
  • 60’: 1.443
  • 330’: 4.098
  • 1/8: 6.293
  • 1/8 MPH: 110.15


  • DA: +378 feet
  • Altitude: 30 feet
  • Temperature: 61 degrees F.
  • Humidity: 61%

9.887 PASS

IE B9 S4 9 Second Time Slip


  • 1/4: 9.887
  • 1/4 MPH: 138.5
  • 60’: 1.44
  • 330’: 4.12
  • 1/8: 6.33
  • 1/8 MPH: 110.6


  • DA: +138 feet
  • Altitude: 30 feet
  • Temperature: 54.39 degrees F.
  • Humidity: 88%



  • Bilstein PSS10 Coilovers
  • Neuspeed 18" RSE10 wheels on DR2 drag radials
  • Prototype IE rear drag brake kit (to allow for smaller 18" wheels)


Typical practice to improve drag times is to drop weight. To prepare for the track, we installed a driver racing seat, removed passenger seat, rear seats, and the door cards. Further weight is lessened by removing the catback section of the exhaust (drag strips should be loud anyway) and the 18" RSE10 wheels with DR2 radial tires. All of this trim can be removed for a drag weekend event and easily be reinstalled before a comfortable drive to work on Monday.


    Employing cutting-edge calibration technology, IE software engineers and the tuning team use our in-house dyno cells and mapping suite to dial in every section of the advanced EA839 MG1 ECU for maximum power while ensuring reliability. To safely control the larger TTE710 turbo, additional sensors and testing equipment such as exhaust backpressure, exhaust gas temperature, cylinder pressure, and more is used to deliver a clear and precise picture of all aspects of tune development. These extreme measures are essential for power and delivery and crucial to ensuring safety and reliability. Additionally, specialized equipment is used to test pressure drop across multiple points in the charge system and meter mass airflow (with added MAF) to ensure hardware was up to the task, such as our intercooler design, charge pipes, and the stock throttle body. You will thank us for these extreme measures when delivering close to 700HP on a stock engine. 

    IE's TTE710 file is in the final stages of development and is estimated to release in late spring 2022. 

    IE TTE710 Tune 9 second B9 S4


    The Audi B9 3.0T Turbocharged S4, S5, and SQ5 platform has been shaping into an absolute powerhouse delivering incredible performance gains from ECU tuning, simple hardware upgrades, and bolt-on hybrid turbos. The performance potential of this platform is expected to push the performance even deeper in the future! Whether you're chasing records or looking for a seriously fun road car, the Audi B9 3.0T platform will deliver when coupled with IE performance tuning and parts; get started with your own IE upgrades HERE.

    IE Tuned 9 Second B9 S4 S5 3.0T

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