IE Powered VW Passat, 220 MPH and Climbing!

IE 20V Powered VW Passat, 220 MPH and Climbing!
 Integrated Engineering (IE) and Potter Brothers Racing teamed up in 2012 to build the fastest Volkswagen in the world. The goal was to set a land speed record surpassing 230 MPH. While we are still working towards this goal, we have learned an enormous amount of invaluable information that IE has been able to apply to its products that several thousand enthusiasts use today. Weather permitting, we will be back out on the Bonneville Salt Flats for another attempt this summer, 2015. Below you will find a general overview of all the work and components that have gone into this project.
 In 2013 the car reached a staggering 220MPH. Be sure to check back in the future as we continue to push towards beating the current record of 227MPH (set by Seat/Skoda).
The car: The 2000 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T was chosen by Potter Brother Racing as the best possible VW chassis, due to the fact that the B5 Passat Sedan has the lowest combined drag coefficient (.27 in stock form) and frontal area (2.1 m2) of virtually any production automobile.
  Chassis features: -Stripped to bare shell for race preparation. -Double-hoop rollcage built to SCTA specs for 'over 200 mph'. Rollcage constructed of 180 feet of 1.625" DOM thickwall tubing, by local Salt Lake City expert fabricator, Brian Thomas -DJ Safety parachute system with expertly engineered ‘neutral’ tether point, fabricated by Brian Thomas -Roll cage and interior bodywork painted in OEM Satin Silver -Four doors gutted, with lightweight trim panels and dashboard top padding installed as per SCTA Production Category rules -All windows except windshield constructed of Lexan by Potter Bros Racing -Fully adjustable 4-link front suspension, with custom dampers, spring rates, and alignment settings by Potter Bros Racing, OEM brake components -Custom zero-offset 15x4.5 rear wheels with Goodyear Eagle 26” diameterracing tires -Fully blueprinted and seam-welded OEM VW steel front wheels with 23" to 26" diameter tire choices for gearing flexibility. Moon Discs with Dzus fasteners for Aero and Cool factor -Entire OEM electrical system discarded, one-off electrical system designed and installed by Integrated Engineering -All exterior lights, equipment and trim in place as per SCTA production rules, with only allowance being removal of exterior mirrors -IE designed and constructed driver-actuated dual independent aerospace-spec foam fire suppression system with multiple cockpit and engine bay nozzles -Drag Coefficient with allowable modifications:(cD) .26 -Completed vehicle dry weight: 2950 lb.
Integrated Engineering Race Engine: you can see a video of this engine running on the IE in-house engine dyno here: Bottom end -Blueprinted 2008cc (83mm bore, 92.8 stroke) FSI 'BPY' block with Integrated Engineering FSI Ultimate Girdle Kit (tall boy billet main caps, girdle/bedplate, custom hardware) -IE/ARP studs and fasteners throughout engine -IE premium I-beam Tuscan rods -Fully coated Integrated Engineering-Spec JE pistons with thick-wall tool-steel wrist pins -IE off-the-shelf Stroker Kit forged steel 92.8mm stroke crankshaft -Mahle/VanderVell performance engine bearings -Custom high-output oiling system with IE oil filter-cooler adapter plate. Oversize oil pump and IE oil pump chain modifications. Cylinder head -Large port 1.8T AEB 5-valve cylinder head -IE IECVA1 camshafts with custom valve-timing settings to optimize sustained acceleration between 7000-9000 RPM -IE titanium retainers& valve springs -Ferrea valves -IE valve guides -IE 1.8T adjustable cam gear -Early prototype cylinder head flow development, porting, blueprinting by local cylinder head expert, Bill Jones
Turbocharger: -Precision Turbo 6768 CEA turbocharger -66mm wastegate with custom one-off stainless header with T4 flange -Custom aluminum turbo intake duct by Thomas Speedworks -4 inch full turbo-backexhaust system
Custom intake manifold: -Brian Thomas one-off fabricated short-runner intake manifold with incorporated 1000HP PTE air to water (ATW) intercooler. ATW intercooler fed by ice water with 30 gallon tank located in rear seat area with 1800 GPH marine pump. Oversized plumbing with custom IE billet firewall bulkhead.
 Fueling system: -IE Dual 044 fuel surge tank in front bumper -OEM fuel tank and pump used as zero-pressure transfer pump -Return-less IE billet fuel rail with electronic pressure transducer for continuous monitoring and datalogging -4 Bosch 2200cc gasoline fuel injectors -ERC ‘A8D’ 120-octane leaded racing gasoline, lab-certified with zero alcohol or oxygenates to meet SCTA ‘Gas’ class rules.
Engine management & tuning: -Link G4Plus Extreme Engine Management with full datalogging and 100% system automation -Completewiring harness designed and constructed by Integrated Engineering  -All electronics centralized on one panel in original glove box location -IE designed-and-built comprehensive monitoring and data acquisition including wideband O2 and individual exhaust port EGT measurement, along with temperature and pressure measurement of all on-board fluids. Individual wheel speed measurement and gear-dependent engine output designed and calibrated by Integrated Engineering. -Fully configurable Racepak instrument display with IE-calibrated, prioritized driver warnings and alarms -Complete engine management designed by Integrated Engineering on in-house Superflow 902 dynamometer cell, and exclusive, complete vehicle calibration and simulation using IE’s Dynapack chassis dynamometer laboratory -All engine dyno tuning and development performed using clone 2008cc 20V turbo engine, allowing comprehensive, yet rapid changes to optimize drivability, maximum output, and reliability
Clutch setup: -Clutch Masters SFI-rated Billet Steel Flywheel and custom FX500 single disk Clutch Masters clutch -Audi A4 (front wheel drive) 6-speed transaxle with ultra-tall gearing -Custom IE driveshaft spacers to remedy driveshaft angle issues with zero static ride height at 200-plus MPH.
Additional Photos:

-VW Passat driver, Dewey Potter geared up for another run